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About Us

Top Line Rottweilers has two kennel locations based in Northern California. In Greenwood, Ca just out of Placerville is where we perform the breeding and birthing portion of our operation. Our main office is in Carmichael, Ca. and this is where we handle our administrative actions for the business.

From an incredibly young age living in Placerville California, I remember my parents talking about getting a family dog. I never thought in those moments that their choice would shape my future as it did. My parents picked a dog that my brothers and I wouldn’t have ever expected, but at the time we were so excited that we honestly could care less of the breed.

When they came home with our first rottweiler Ivanhoe, I have memories of how I felt when I saw him. He was adorable and looked like a little black and brown ball of fluff. My dad believed in buying the best dogs from reputable breeders, so he turned to Betty Burden of Vom Hognadottir in Pilot Hill, California.  What is amazing is that she is still in the same location and doing the same great work after all these years.

The dog was perfect, had a great temperament and was healthy for its entire life. He was easy to train and bonded quickly with everyone in the family. That’s where it all started, and my passion turned into a business that brings me excitement and joy. There is nothing better than when I am training my dogs or am at a show winning an award.

TopLine Rottweiler best Northern California breeder

Since we started breeding in 2000, we have always adhered to the AKC breeding guidelines and best practices principles. We absolutely agree and do everything we can to assure that we are improving the breed. As professional breeders, we also understand the importance of pre-screen health checks and looking for anything that might cause a problem down the road. You can rest assured that all of the dogs come from long-standing and exceptional bloodlines because we know this is the foundation of a genuinely great dog.

When you purchase a Top Line rottweiler you are getting a healthy, teachable, and well-mannered dog. This will help you in the long run for whichever path you decide to take your training. If you chose to train your dog for show, sport, protection or just to have a great family pet you will know that you had got it from the right place. Our training and socializing protocol usually starts around at 2 ½ weeks and is continued till 8 weeks. This is to give you the best socialized and workable dogs possible because we want to set you up for success.

We look forward to improving the rottweiler breed and meeting you as our new friends and customers.

Please visit our Blog to learn more about the rottweiler breed and to stay informed on upcoming events.

Meet the Breeder

TopLine Rottweiler championship Dogs

Paul Fox is a Northern California Breeder that trains Rottweilers for Confirmation, The Sieger show, and IPO. He has spent many years furthering his education with accredited courses in a multitude of disciplines that includes dog behavior, applied dog behavior and training from Duke University. He continues his education today, knowing that through constant improvement he will only excel his breeding practices and training methods.  

Paul knows the importance of selecting the right puppies that come from exceptional bloodlines, have excellent conformation, good bone structure, strong nerves, and superb temperaments that are calm and pleasant as well has highly intelligent and easy to train. This assures that the breed will have the correct Temperament, look, Drive and workability.

Paul absolutely enjoys what he does, and it is strikingly apparent in his work.

Northern California Top Rottweiler breeder
Meet the Breeder
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